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Want to win NaNoWriMo
and possibly $1,008.01?

Hi, I’m Mike and we’ve been busy designing the most distraction-free flow-enhancing wild-creative-abandon-turned-speed-demon-caller-of-the-muse writing experience we can imagine.

For us, this means creating a writing experience that will keep you focused, inspired and moving forward while keeping your inner-editor far away from your creative process.

I am so very thrilled and honored to be able to bring this technology to the community and assist you in WINNNNNNING!

But before you start out on this wild NaNoWriMo adventure, I’d like to encourage you to prepare and equip, as so many successful Superheroes like to do before heading out into the story.

Remember that writing is a multi-phase journey: First the pure freedom of joyous written creation (NaNoWriMo), and then the perfectionism of editing (after NaNoWriMo). They are two very distinct mindsets that require different specialized tools for maximum flow and enjoyable fun. Mixing these two mindsets can easily give you writer's block, which will probably result in the creative paralysis that becomes the tragic ending to this adventure that we definitely don’t ever want to see, ever.

Instead, why not win?

You probably want the right tool to support the mindset and phase you are engaged with. For NaNoWriMo, feed the creative phase and encourage it to flow freely without judgement. After NaNoWriMo, feed the editing phase to refine and perfect your story.

Don't worry about anything right now.

Just let yourself write and keep writing.

Remember that although you might be able to technically eat soup with a fork, if your goal is to eat this soup as quickly as you can with the fewest moves possible, you will be much better helped by the right tool. In this case… that's probably a spoon.

This is also true for writing. If your goal is to write 50,000 words as soon as possible and to love the feeling of free-flowing creation moving through you as your neurology blazes with the sparks of genius creativity and otherworldly inspirations, you want to use the right tool for the job. In this case, and for this phase, I believe this tool to be ilys -- it will become your very effective ultra-awesome super-power, Superhero.

We use positive and negative reinforcement to train your neurology into a creative flow state, effectively guiding you towards better writing. With ilys, you can't edit or delete until you've reached your word-count goal and are simply encouraged to keep going.

AFTER you have used ilys and created your text, THEN move your mind and your story into the editing phase. THEN use the best editing and refinement tools available for that job. Create your best-of-breed toolbox of super-powers for the arduous, yet ultimately rewarding victory ahead.

Using the right super-power for the writing phase will make NaNoWriMo a tremendous success that will produce a powerful momentum and reference point in your life. You dared to dream and to try, and YOU WIN! You will stand upon this new plateau of cherished accomplishment as you go on to dare to dream your next dreams and move towards realizing them in an ever-expanding upward spiral of joy and success, a beautiful life well-lived. You did that!


Does ilys work? OMG does it ever….

What, you say you want proof?

Sure, I would too. We've helped many WriMo's win, but one of my favorite stories comes from 14 time NaNoWriMo Winning Superhero Thomas Harper, as he remembers when he tried ilys and instantly doubled his output and won NaNoWriMo twice in one month:

“From the very first writing session of the event, to the final one where I typed “The End” for the second time that month, my NaNoWriMo experience was the most exciting, motivating, and high-speed writing endeavor I had ever undertaken.

I wrote over ten thousand words during my first session and I crossed the fifty thousand word mark on day 14. On day 15 my young protagonist, Mara, took off on a new adventure that saw me cross the one hundred thousand word mark on day 29, a full day early even though I had written twice what I normally would write during November. Plus, between day 1 and day 29, I took four days off where I didn’t write anything at all.

So in reality, with ilys's help, I wrote just over one hundred thousand words and two novels in only twenty-five days.”

“There are plenty of minimalist, ‘distraction-free’ writing apps out there, but ilys is by far the most distraction-free I’ve ever seen.”

“by far the most distraction-free I’ve ever seen.” ← worth trying!

Attempting NaNoWriMo is a very brave and dangerous undertaking. Life and Death hang in the balance. Nothing less are at stake than your tender dreaming yearning heart, your very soul and self-respect. They are all in terrible danger and need you to step up into your Superhero Self.

Win the Day, Claim Your Victory!

You can definitely do this. With all of the support from the community, your belief in yourself and your amazing ilys super-powers, consider it done.

The Offer:

We here at ilys want you to win and experience the joy of your cherished victory. As the brave Superhero WriMo who steps into the arena and onto this wild ride, you can have unlimited ilys for 60% off, at $48.69 per year. Sign up and try it for free, take it for a 3,000 word test flight to discover the exhilaration of pure writing flow.

The Prize:

When you win NaNoWriMo with ilys, you will be entered for your chance to win the $1,008.01 NaNoPrize on December 15th. You will find more details about the grand prize inside ilys.

We wish you Godspeed, Good Luck, and above all, A LOT OF FUN!

Now.... go win!


Please send us a message and ask.

Yours in Victory,
Mike Gurevich
Founder of ilys